Management Desk

At Neelkanth Engineering Works, we believe in manufacturing, developing and delivering high quality products to our consumers. Our commitment towards quality, reliability and customer satisfaction is unmatched and is evident with the kind of growth we have achieved. Our operations are geared towards providing a profitable experience to our clients, shareholders, suppliers and our employers.

Our diversified portfolio of products are carefully designed to serve our customers requirements. Neelkanth Engineering Works has evolved from a simple store to a major player in the markets in a little over 2 years, which has only been possible due to the careful study of the markets and developing a deep understanding of the growing needs. As a company, we always welcome innovative ideas and our dedicated professionals adapt to the changes quite satisfactorily.

Our staff is equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment in the markets that enables them to operate at their full potential. They are highly skilled, and are our biggest assets who have been our greatest pillars of support.

By adapting new technologies and upgrading our production methods we have been in the forefront of innovation and among the first ones to introduce better quality thermal paper, fluorescent paper, carbonless paper, image transfer paper, water slide paper, heat sublimation paper, glassine paper, super calendered poster, chrome paper, art paper, coated paper and bio-polymer coated paper in the markets.

We believe in making the best use of our available resources in order to develope quality products that are extremely affordable, reliable and useful.

Mr. P. K. Vershwal
M.D., Neelkanth Engineering Works